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A Heartfelt Welcome to the family

Indiefare International Film Festival cordially greets you all to the Utopian land of Cinema! A widespread and trusted platform to exhibit your ‘uniqueness’ in front of the whole world. A platform for independent filmmaking, creative freedom, and expression along with immersive entertainment, Indiefare International Film Festival backs up emerging voices from all around. 

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Create! To be Discovered

Filmmakers! The magicians of the screen.

Our Film festival resonates with the spirit of filmmaking and celebrates the deconstruction, democratization, and dissemination of Art and human perspective. Decentralize your thinking and materialize itself into a Cinema!

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“Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced.”

We are Waiting, Just for you!

A tiny Action can seek and spot the best talent and take them to heights. The Future is now. We like to believe in so. We seek the best! Want to stand out with your Film? Send Us your Films. Today! 
Submissions accepted via Filmfreeway.