Cozy Eurekas

Indifare Award Winner


Marco Felipe

About Director

Marco’s two first short films won over 60 awards all over the globe. More than 40 of them were on IMDb festivals. He’s been personally awarded as a Writer, Director, Executive Producer and Editor. On “Go Fool Yourself” , his second short, every creative department won at least 1 award. Now, feeling more confident about his voice as an artist, Marco has been exploring quite a few new aspects of the way he feels about life on his newest projects.

Film Overview

When Lipe starts playing the guitar again after many years, some flashes of memory start coming back to him from the time when he lost his parents. So he asks his uncle for help, but he tells Lipe he should go study abroad instead and that he should sell his parents’ house to help him pay for it, since it reminds him of too much stuff he had to overlook in order to raise him in there. With all that on the table, Lipe starts asking himself, if his uncle is not actually trying to get rid of him instead.

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