Palpitations of Dust

Indifare Finalist


Ann Huang

About Director

Ann Huang is a China-born, Mexican-raised auteur filmmaker based in Newport Beach, California. She is the managing director at Saffron Splash Media, an avant-garde production house responsible for three award-winning experimental poetry films adapted by her original poetry. Huang’s first film, Palpitations of Dust, was officially selected for the 2018 Amarcord Chicago Arthouse Film Awards. Her second film, Indelible Winter, won the Best Editing Award at the Independent Shorts Awards. Most recently, The Pines of Spring won the award for Best Editing at the Marina del Rey Film Festival and was a semi-finalist at the Los Angeles Film Awards. Huang’s fourth film, Sparse, will complete this tetralogy of experimental films and is set to release to film awards circuit in December 2018.

Film Overview

The lives of three friends become complicated when facing choices of love, friendship, need and reciprocity. Everything is hung on a thin string– from the desire to love, to dream, to face life’s disarrays, and then to settle on an unexpected destiny.

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