Indifare Finalist


Fernando Doménech Miró

About Director

Fernando Doménech Miró, Spanish film director, was born in the city of Alcoy in 1968. From a young age, he felt a great passion for the seventh art, which led him to study law at the University of Alicante and later to graduate in film directing at the film school of Valencia NUCINE.
In addition to his work as a lawyer advising film production companies and professional theater companies, the director has always been involved in projects related to cinema, collaborating as a screenwriter, producer and even an actor in different films and directing various experimental short films that have finally led him to self-produce his first film: “Subversion”

Film Overview

After a night of casual sex between strangers, a lonely and nameless girl invites a nameless boy to spend a while at her house. He hides from her that they are after him for a settling of scores, she hides other things that make living with her a real hell. What seemed like she couldn’t get worse she does after an unexpected visit.

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