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Wider Than The Sky

Overview A short film about the extraordinary power of our imagination. Schoolgirl  Jenny’s father has been diagnosed with cancer. To help herself  cope, this deeply creative child makes scenes inside shoe boxes Into which she escapes…One day a chance encounter  with a seemingly ordinary cafe owner provides the catalyst for a truly magical happening.. Writer …

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Wedding Day Script

Overvirew Eric’s sister Jamie is finally getting married  to the man of her dreams. Everything is going well until Jamie and Eric’s estranged abusive dad shows up, threatening to ruin this special day. Writer – Cameron Ray Hawkins


Overview In the very distant future, when humanity has relocated to a flying fortress in the sky, a small, mutant fish man fascinated with humans tries everything in his power to reach beyond the clouds and find a place he could call home.  Writer – Jordan Orlando

Raised By Warriors

Overview In 1965 a 10 year old Canadian country boy’s life is turned upside down when his family moves to a heavily industrialized city. He must overcome bullies, an nasty nun and his own fear of heights as he tries to gain acceptance in his new environment.