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Eyes and Ears

Overview As a skilled and experienced storyteller, I believe that my screenplay is worthy of entry into your festival.My screenplay is a compelling and thrilling adventure story that will transport viewers to a magical and fantastical world. It is an epic tale of bravery, courage, and determination, with a cast of unforgettable characters and a …

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Secret Messages

Overview After a rudderless man gets mugged in DC, he travels back (or does he?) in time to the Civil War, saves lives and finds meaning, empathy, purpose, and love in his present life. Writer ; STEPHEN MICHAEL KELLY


Overview A police officer who accidentally killed his partner in the line of duty crosses paths with a suspect with an even darker past and all demons are confronted. Writer :  STEPHEN MICHAEL KELLY

Minister Speer

Overview An unsuccessful young reporter gets the scoop of her career interviewing a former Minister of the Third Reich and has three days to trip him up and have him admit he knew more about the holocaust than he’s letting on. Writer : Sven Anarki


Overview When a talented young musician obsessed with fame is betrayed by her idol, a rock star, she becomes famous not for her talent, but for killing him. Writer : Dallas Faulkner

Millions in Manila

Overview Inspired by true events, a highly trained airline safety instructor becomes stuck in Manila after losing his contract, but is then hired by a shady organization as security to assist in recovering rich asset collections, hidden since the 1940s war-years. He falls deep into the dangerous corrupt underworld that also involves U.S. Intelligence and …

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Overview Indiana Jones meets Rambo in this Action Adventure – A failing TV adventure star seizes the opportunity to resurrect his career by filming his rescue attempt of a group of scientists being heldcaptive by cannibals on an unexplored island. Can he find and lead them to safety before they are sacrificed to the unstable …


Down Memory Lane

Overview In the near future where social classes have been redefined, procreation is limited to the upper class, and AI replacing the third class, third class citizens with good behaviour are offered amerciful killing before their 41st birthday in which they have the opportunity to watch their memories before their consciousness is uploaded onto Pleasant …

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Libras (Pilot)

Overview A story about fraternal twin sisters growing up in Harlem NY; both girls are very different in every possible way; but it’s their differences that unite them together, rather than divide them apart. Writer :  Levi Wise – Kenneth Catoe Jr.