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Overview A Script based on the book, “Pieces” it is a story of a young lady plight regarding domestic violence, illicit drugs and death. It is told from a father prospective. Writer – David Arch Hatch


Overview ATTICUS SEVERUS, Optio 1st Cohort to the Nineteenth,baggage train guard attached to Publius Quinctilius VarusLegions is sacrificed to dark Germanic Gods. Cursed, Atticus is condemned to a cycle of death and re-birth. Atticus must decipher the cursed and runes to escape the curse.

Light Em’ Up

Overview When survival is determined by a ticking fuse, a rogue team of experts brings the fire. Officer Harris and her bomb squad pyros defend the public from dangerous murders when they are in fact facing a perilous stalker themselves. Harris and McKenzie, her professional and romantic partner, are in search of who they are …

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Inked in Blood

Overview A tortured man returns to the town he ran away from as a child to exact his revenge on all those who wronged him, and face the one man he fears the most – his father. INKED IN BLOOD is a quirky, gritty horror screenplay about a tortured, tattooed young man named Aesop Quarrels. …

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The Dead of Winter

Overview When a group of high school students attend a 24-hour event for charity at school during a blizzard, a series of murder begins occurring at night. Arisa, a cynical but intelligent student, investigates the killings and is determined to solve the mystery, but the truth that awaits may be more than what the others …

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The Lavender Girl

Over view LOGLINEAfter the tragic loss of her entire family, the Lavender girl wants to find peace in a humble life, until she meets a popular songwriter who shakes her life up. When there is nothing left because your mother’s hand leaves you early and forever. No one knows that the radiant girl from the …

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My Town

Overview A local newsman reports the who, what, where, when and how of a racial murder, but what about the why? Is he prepared for the consequences of trying to answer the why? Writer – Lynn Elliott