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At The Fence

Overview A journalist on the cold trail of their missing grandfather discovers a fabled house overlooking a remote town. As their investigation continues, they discover disturbing evidence of extradimensional experimentation and unearth their grandfather’s fate. Director : Max Albrecht


Overview Three Latino food owners explain their passion and love of serving their recipes to the cities of Miami. Cuban, Mexican and Venezuelan gastronomy. Director : Henry G Burgos

Dreams of the Collective

Overview Journey into the mind of the collective unconscious, as dreams are explored and the nature of reality is questioned. Will we ever know what dogs dream? Thought may give experience its name, but the knowing is shared. Director : Kathleen Renee Krenitsky

No Air For Angels

Overview Laird goes to great lengths to bring her estranged father-in-law back into America in order to repair what’s left of her fragmented family and keep those she loves close. Fighting painful memories she holds onto a hopeful future even if it questions her own sanity and forces her to face irrevocable losses. Director : …

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Enter the Room

Overview A young adult (Brian) is visited by his brother, Jeremy, who needs a place to stay as he settles into his new city. The two polar opposite personalities begin to clash as Jeremy’s presence poses a threat to Brian’s way of life. Brian’s uptight personality and unreasonable living standards rub off on Jeremy, creating …

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Overview 3 Themes of Unlimited Love, Karma and Transformation3 different relationships exploring 3 types of Karma. A Short film answering the question: What is Karma? Is it good, evil or? Director : Nelson Santiago Beltran, Amanda Redwine


Overview Through the eye of the beer holder, Hammpions provides a brief history of Hamm’s Beer as well as interviews beer sign collectors, Hamm’s family members, Hamm’s artists and Hamm’s Beer Club members. Director : Krystal Kelley

Feed The Reapers

Overview Kim (Susen Ermich) and Denny (Daniel Brach) are looking for that certain kick. The story of the mysterious death of a young girl drives her into the rooms of an abandoned sanatorium in the middle of the forest. The thirst for adventure quickly turns into a death throes as blood and madness materialize in …

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