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The Last Detail

Overview A Military officer, a disgraced former officer and a currently detained private travel to a Safe place to await further transportation. Along the way they have to become vulnerable with themselves trying to shed away their toxic traits.  Director – Tyler P. Henry

Donut Die

Overview A short comedy skit called “Donut Die”. I was one of the hostages duct tape to a chair forced to eat donuts. #foodcoma Messy scene. My face got a makeover lol. Props to the director Rick Gregory. Director – Rick Gregory

Creature of the Cemetery

Overview “Since the beginning of my German film works of “F. C.: E. F. P. : Part One” over “Rear Funeral Window” and still an animal has jumped in front of my video camera: Squirrel. This is a Dedication to an unintentional collaboration…“  by Funeral Master, 04-19-2020 Director – Benedikt Keller-Zeller