Indifare Award Winner


Terry Luke Podnar

About Director

Terry Podnar, a graduate of Kent State, is a screenwriter who currently lives in Akron, OH; however, he does have the flexibility to move. In the past year, he has written four feature length screenplays and four short scripts, all of which have won multiple awards. His feature script, The Red Zone, was placed on The Red List in January of this year. His passion for films started early on when he wrote and filmed many independent films. During that time, Terry was forced to make a living. As a result, he became the founder and CEO of a successful business that served the continental U.S.A.. But Terry returned to his first love: writing screenplays. You can follow Terry’s progress on InkTip, Coverfly and FilmFreeway.

Film Overview

A new employee, Delvin, presents a challenge to train since he’s borderline challenged and over eight feet tall.

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