Enjoy the Silence

Indifare Award Winner


Hugo Montes de Oca


Mauricio Ramos


Werner Heinze Amador

Cast and crew member’s

David Talavera

About Writer

Hugo Montes de Oca (born June 20, 2000) is a young Spanish/Mexican writer-director hailing from Monterrey, Mexico. From a young age, he exhibited a remarkable passion for storytelling and a natural inclination towards visual arts. Inspired by the captivating narratives and cinematic styles of American and international films, he embarked on his creative journey through filmmaking. With a passion for storytelling, he produced numerous short films and delved into acting and directing. Hugo’s work includes numerous plays exploring themes such as grief, social anxiety, and companionship, infused with a comedic twist often found in Hugo’s work. In 2022, his notable works as director included “Polvo” and “The Confrontation”. “Polvo” (Dust) is a tragic short film which delves into the concept of hegemonic masculinity and the yearning for validation, it also incorporates some queer themes. “The Confrontation”, which seeks to raise awareness about the water crisis in his hometown, tells the story of a young survivor in a world that lost its way, which was acclaimed at various international film festivals. His latest project, “Enjoy The Silence,” explores emotional vulnerability and post-traumatic stress disorder in a visually striking manner inspired by experimental filmmaking and 70s grindhouse films. Hugo consistently pushes boundaries and inspires audiences with his films, promoting reflection and leaving a lasting impact.

Film Overview

Haunted by the weight of an unfinished project, an architect battles insomnia by silencing distractions within his home. In the depths of silence, he confronts inner demons, leading to a haunting journey with a destructive outcome.

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