Feels Like Home

Indifare Award Winner

Director Name

Aniiket Limje

Writer Name

Aniiket Limje, Deepti Sharma

Producer Name

Dinanath Limje, Krishna Soren, Richa Ambar, Akash Jain

About Director

Aniiket Limje is an Indian Director based in Mumbai, India. He came from Betul Madhya Pradesh in 2012. Featuring Humans and their personal relationships, their struggle with outside world and complex situations are prominently seen in his films. and started working as Choreographer in Bollywood films, moving on assist some very reputed Directors. His Directorial debut film is ”Gharwali Feeling” .

Film Overview

A young man and woman in Mumbai decide to move in together to save time and money. Very soon after that, the country is put under a severe lockdown to contain the spread of COVID-19. The sudden proximity, financial strain and uncertainties put the young relationship through the kind of test neither of them was prepared to face. The weeks and months that follow, bring out the best and the worst out of our young lovers.

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