I Know What You Need

Indifare Award Winner


Julia Marchese

About Director

Julia Marchese is a filmmaker, actor, writer, podcaster, film programmer and cinephile.

In 2016 she released her first film, Out of Print, a documentary about the importance of revival cinema, seeing films with an audience and 35mm film to culture. The film has played all over the world in film archives, art house cinemas and universities. There is a 35mm print of the film that is now housed at The Academy Film Archives.

A lifelong Stephen King fan, Julia was thrilled to take on the task of adapting her favorite short story by her favorite author as part of Stephen King’s Dollar Baby program, and even more thrilled to be have been able to shoot the film on location at the University of Maine, where the story is set – a Constant Reader’s dream!

You can follow her on her social media platforms @juliacmarchese

Film Overview

Based on Stephen King’s story from the 1978 Night Shift collection – I Know What You Need is an after school special that dissolves into terror in this faithful adaptation of King’s tale, filmed on location at the University of Maine, where the story takes place.

It’s 1976, and popular college co-ed Elizabeth meets an unusual boy, Edward, who knows what she needs. But who is Edward really, and what secrets is he hiding? It’s a love story, but a Stephen King love story, so things aren’t always what they seem.

Elizabeth doesn’t know what she wants, but Edward knows what she needs.

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