It Happened One Night In Space PILOT Episode “Take Me To Your Leadership Attitude”.

Indifare Award Winner

Writer Name

Pamela Perry Goulardt

About Writer

Pamela Perry Goulardt
Screenwriter, Script Adaptations.
Screenwriting Instructor – “Cinematic Storytelling”, Storyteller’s Cottage.

• 2020. Humanoid Kill – Critics Choice – MADRAS Independent Film Festival
• 2020. FILMMATIC Drama Awards. MAFIA HEART. Semi-Finalist.
• 2020. 24th Annual FADE IN AWARDS. First 10 PAGES-Semi-Finalist “MAFIA HEART”.
• 2020. SCREENCRAFT SHORT FILM. Semi-Finalist. “Who Wants to Live in a World…?
• 2019. SCREENCRAFT FILM FUND. – Semi-Finalist. “Who Wants to Live in a World…?
• 2019. WE SCREENPLAY. DIVERSE VOICES LAB. “Who Wants to Live in a World…?” Semi-Finalist.
• 2019. FILMMATIC SHORT SCREENPLAY. “Calamity Jane: Queen of Spades”. Semi-Finalist.
• 2019. OMAHA FILM FESTIVAL. “Who Wants To Live in a World”. semi-finalist

Film Overview

After he rescues a mysterious woman from an exploding spaceship, a
wealthy Astran Prince decides to back out of his agreement to
marry a dirt-poor Martian Princess.

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