Summer Flamingo Winter Flamingo

Indifare Award Winner

Director Writer and Producer Name

David Anderson

Writer Name

Ryan D’sa

Producer Name

AJ Halderson, Evan Grose, Sharee Hennessey, Katrina Loera, Ashley “Throcky” Throckmorton

About Writer

David Anderson lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He attended film school at New York Film Academy. He produces, directs, and writes films that reflect the political/ social climate and life as a member of the LGBT community. His influences include Dustin Lance Black, Ryan Murphy, Martin Scorsese, Madonna, Greg Berlanti, Jane Campion, Melissa Etheridge, Freddie Mercury, and David Fincher.

Film Overview

A man figuratively lives a double life as a Summer flamingo and a Winter flamingo. This is only part of his struggle of living with mental illness. As a Summer flamingo, he’s vibrant, social, and expressive. As a Winter flamingo, he’s sad, alone, and emotionally exhausted.

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