Mad Pierrette

Indifare Award Winner


Diana Bahirian

About Director

Diana Bahirian is a Ukrainian filmmaker and sound designer based in Toronto. Growing up in Ukraine, Diana was exposed to a rich cultural heritage and a history filled with stories that inspired her to pursue a career in filmmaking. She is a 2023 graduate of Film and Media Production from Humber College’s Faculty of Media and Creative Arts, where she has honed her skills on a wide range of projects. In the course of her academic career, she has directed a short film Don’t Ask Why and her thesis film Mad Pierrette as well as an experimental documentary Dolor. Her dedication to making media accessible is demonstrated by her professional work on documentaries Disabled Journalists and What is Print Disability, both of which explore and highlight the importance of accessible media. Whether working with live sound, creating intricate soundscapes in post-production, or conceptualising visual sequences that bring stories to life, she is driven by a desire to create art that is both engaging and accessible.

Film Overview

A full-time mime who performs under the pseudonym Pierrette completely devotes herself to the art of pantomime, ultimately pushing the boundaries of her artistic pursuit to a dangerous extreme. The film delves into the psyche of Pierrette, whose unwavering determination to achieve success in her craft leads her down a dark path of obsession and mental deterioration.

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