Mind and Time

Indifare Award Winner


Henri Shore

About Director

Hello there, my name is Henri and I like to dream.

I’ve had a habit of day dreaming all my life and it’s lead to many ideas I’ve grown passion for. On top of that Film has become that one thing in life I naturally enjoy and invest my time in.

The writing of a film is what I cherish the most, have the best special effects, have the best cinematography, have the best acting and sound track. If the writing is bad your movie will be bad. This is the rule I intend to follow as I journey into the world of filmmaking

My experience is in writing, directing and editing, I find all three natural and incredibly entertaining to do

I’ve dreamt a lot and wish to bring those dreams to life, if you can, please, follow me with that journey.

Film Overview

For a huge sum of money, a man with the ability to rewind time struggles to win a game of chess against a woman who can see and hear peoples thoughts. Infinite attempts, impossible situation.

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