Indifare Award Winner


Brandi Haugen

About Director

Writer – Brandi Haugen

Film Overview

“MOTHER.” is the true story of a teenage girl, Norah, who lives in an abusive home with her mother, father, and sister. Norah’s mother, Molly, is extremely abusive, both emotionally and physically. Though Norah has grown up in this tumultuous environment her entire life, at this stage in her life she is becoming increasingly ill under the stress caused by this relationship with her mother.

Norah’s father, David, is largely passive, preferring to avoid his wife’s wrath. Norah’’s sister, Sloane, reaches her limit as far as their mother is concerned, and has no problem standing up to the malevolent woman, although her major confrontation with Molly demonstrates potential consequences for Norah, if she herself stands up to their mother.

Norah’s need to control something in her life leads her to an eating disorder, and under the guidance of a teacher she begins seeing a therapist, albeit in secret, because her mother will not permit this, where more secrets come to light. The height of Norah’s stress causes her to break down to her mother and ask for help. The result is typical, traumatic, and raw. By the time it’s over, Norah is left reeling, mentally and physically ill, and largely alone in many senses, but with a new aspect of what her life is and has been.

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