NFT Revolution Documentary

Indifare Award Winner

Director Name

James Hu

Producer Name

William Tien

About Director

A writer, director, and producer, James was also a martial arts choreographer and trainer – his work includes features training lead talents in martial arts action sequences for Hong Kong action director Corey Yuen. He’s trained talents such as Jason Statham in TRANSPORTER 3 and Gianna Jun in the live-action adaptation of Blood: The Last Vampire. He is currently in Los Angeles and collaborates on Chinese and American filmmakers in Hollywood and China. Some of his credits include CON MAN with James Caan & Mark Hamill and THE NFT REVOLUTION. James is a well-versed and artistic storyteller. His screenplay, KIMONOS was selected for the semifinals by Screen Craft & the Nichol’s Fellowship, and Missing, a crime thriller is based on a true story and personal experiences within the sub-culture of LA’s Chinese elites. James is a fanatical advocate of the creative process and a firm supporter of indie films featuring diversity in Hollywood.

Film Overview

Introduction to NFT and a documentary filmed in Los Angeles with more than 22 Artist, Film producer, Film Director, Sports stars, Art curator

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