NO KILL Jō 杖 lone samurai 侍う

Indifare Finalist

Director Writer and Producer Name

Rusty Lofgren

About Writer

A graduate of Bucknell University, director Rusty Lofgren’s music documentary, “Nobodies” was an award winning film at the 2009 Washougal International Film Festival. The indie film series, “NO KILL Jō 杖 lone samurai 侍う” is Lofgren’s latest project.

Film Overview

LOGLINE: In the dead of winter, former U.S. Army Captain, JO WALKER is attacked at his home, not once, but twice over two days. His would-be assassin poisons him with a blow dart, and Jo is paralyzed and looses his vision. After five weeks of pain and exhaustion during his slow recovery, Jo pieces together his past, prepares for battle, and eventually faces his would be assassin in a bloody fight at Oak Ridge near Mira Kawa.

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