Playground 2013-14

Indifare Award Winner


Erdogan Bulut

About Director

Studium der Bildenden Kunst, Hochschule der Bildenden Künste, Frankfurt/ M. Freischaffender Künstler: Malerei, Skulptur, Installation und Experimenteller Film:

2015 “Playground 13-14” 74 min.
2018-19 “Letter to Goya” 66 min.
2022-23 “Ma Hama Esti (us still exists)” 64 min.

EUROPEAN CINEMA ARTDAY Brotfabrik Berlin (Germany)
Series: ART REVOLT Lichtspielkino Bamberg (Germany)

Film Overview

It is an exciting and at the same time calm film that lives from the power and strength of its painting. Spaces and times merge, the time we live in today is a playground of archaic and futuristic events. The calm flow of the images and the narratives of the deep sound layer of noises and sounds cyclically tell the story of our threatened world, our own countries and the individual.

The cycles of past and present provide interesting glimpses into various scenarios of potential futures and pose the question: how is a life in human dignity possible in our threatened world despite all the wars, oppression and destruction?

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