The Riparian

Indifare Award Winner

Director and writer

Sydney Bennett

Cast and crew member’s

Victoria Dawson, Callie Porterfield

About Director

Christopher D. Arrington is a filmmaker residing in Queen Creek, Arizona. He is the owner of 3ifm Cinematography LLC, a small, local, private film studio. He is the founder of the Ironwood Community Film Project (The ICFP), producing a comedy film. His primary focus is on working with other enthusiast and providing them the help and resources to create narrative films.

Film Overview

The Riparian – A look at the over 200 species of birds, insects, and other wildlife that inhabits the Riparian preserve at Waste Water Ranch, in Gilbert, Arizona. Created by CHRISTOPHER D. ARRINGTON – Associate Producer TED SCHULTZ, 3ifm Cinematography LLC.

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