Winter Bloom

Indifare Award Winner

Director Writer

Ivan Krupenikov


Maciej Ślesicki

Cast and crew member’s

Tadeusz Ratuszniak, Anna Paliga

About Writer

Ivan Krupenikov – director and editor. He gained his experience working on music videos, ads and student films of Lodz Film School as well as Warsaw Film School, where he works at the moment. “Winter Bloom” will mark his short-film debut. His main inspirations are genre and auteur cinema, his passion is analogue photography.

Film Overview

The world is destroyed by an ecological catastrophe. An old mercenary, experiencing severe health problems, looks for a way to retire and finally gets a job that would grant him that. A simple job of escorting a girl from A to B, will uncover a secret that will push our character to reexamine his perspective on the world.

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