WordLotto – Pilot

Indifare Award Winner

Writer Producer

Tom Lopilato


Johnny Baca

About Director

Born in Dallas, TX & based out of Los Angeles, Director, Writer, Actor and Producer Johnny Baca began his career in the early 2000s after spending his teens in a rock band ‘Confined’ as lead guitarist. Johnny’s love for filmmaking began creating music videos for his band. After years of acting Johnny transitioned to Directing and writing with his debut series ‘Yoga Pants Gone Wrong’ in the mid 2010s. From there, Johnny continued growing, Directing, Writing and producing project after project establishing his production company ‘Juanito Entertainment’ which made it’s debut at the LA Shorts International Film Festival for ‘Of The Essence’ garnering critic and audience acclaim. Presently, Johnny has a handful of short films under his belt, in pre-production for his next film and finished his first feature length film script ready for the next steps. Johnny lives by a go-getter mentality he calls ‘ABC… Always Be Creating.’

Film Overview

In a world where words are limited, Tom Brennan grudgingly handles appeals from citizens who claim that their WordMeters are malfunctioning. After he’s assigned a string of bizarre clients, the Word Representative’s life spins out of control.

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