Ada Ani (the awakening)

Indifare Finalist


Andrea R. Ciobanu


Nnanna Kalu, Ndukwe Onuoha


Lydia Idakula

Cast and crew member’s

Natisha Williams–Samuels, Diana Yekini, Christopher Iheuwa

About Director

Andrea is a Romanian award-winning Filmmaker based in London. A graduate of the National Film & Television School and a member of Directors UK, her work explores the connection between horror and fashion to create new visual ideas to tell dark fairy tales. The central role of the music combined with the focus on images and colours is a constant in all of her works. When she is not writing & directing, she furthers her passion and knowledge for fashion working as a Costume Designer on brand and short films.

Film Overview

Tormented by constant nightmares about drowning, Ada cannot sleep through the night and is even now terrified by the thought of getting into a bathtub.

After constant persuasion from her flatmate, she finally agrees to see someone – a “guide” – about her condition.

This is where things start to get weird. Her therapist seems to be more than he appears to be, and Ada seems to have walked into anything but a therapy session. She is taken into a world of Gods and mythical events where the past, present, and future are just bumps on a never-ending line.

In the end, Ada learns more about herself and comes to accept her destiny. She awakens a new woman, a changed person, and a Goddess in her own right.

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