Indifare Finalist

Director, Writer and Producer Name

Apostolos Peter (Tolyak)) Kouroumalis

Cast and crew member’s

Apostolos Peter (Tolyak)) Kouroumalis, Bob lacombe, Sophie Lambrect,

About Director

Works under the name pen name TOLY A.K.
Graduated in 1996 from the film animation department and has worked on and off in the film industry. This low brow artist, the
movement founded by Robert Williams and Coop, the art often borders on the extreme but always has regard for showing the
way things are in a given moment in time although often taken as fantasy, and borrows from comic book art exposing as far away
as Zurich(Artbox) 2019& Barecelona 2021. Toly A.K. has had some success in showing in Cannes short film corner with a film
called “Ascention” and his book “All Purpose” is currently being marketed through Writers Branding. You can find his
experimental films at the Cinematheque Quebecois, distributed through the CFMDC and his books at the Bibliotheque Nationale

Film Overview

Man bites off more than he can chew in this experimental film about a woman pitted against man and leads them away from ruin?

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