Struggle In America – Unarmed and Black

Indifare Finalist

Director, Writer Name

Brother-Michael Katlow Cox

Producer Name

Tonni Young, Brother-Michael Katlow Cox, Jill Foster, Jeannette Boyd II, Tanja Hayes, Dawnyelle Butler

About Director

Brother-Michael’s innate character in seeking to achieve higher heights, led him to go on to receive his degree in Computer Science, and to no surprise, he immediately went on to teach a college semester; paying it forward by instilling in others what he’d learned. In the first couple of months of me meeting Brother-Michael, I quickly learn that he is always willing to share his knowledge with no hesitations. Always wanting more for others whom he includes in his circle.

While in the military, Brother-Michael took a “confidence course” that had a profound effect on his life… and if you know him personally, like I do, I’m confident you’d agree that that must have been some damn course–because his confidence level exists within the stratosphere!….

Film Overview

The Struggle in America – Unarmed and Black This short shows the brutality that Unarmed blacks are subject too daily without cause and justification. “No Justice, No Peace…”

“Some Videos Contain Graphic Context and Language”

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