Black Black Blood

Indifare Award Winner

Director Writer and Producer Name

Patricia Mooney

About Writer

Patricia Mooney has been VP of Crystal Pyramid Productions, San Diego’s longest-serving video production company, for over 40 years, producing, shooting and editing video for corporate and broadcast clients including Inside Edition, Extra!, and A Current Affair.

Film Overview

In April 2010, a BP oil rig exploded and millions of gallons of toxic crude oil burst up into the ocean from hundreds of feet below. This was the Gulf Oil Disaster. 60% of our wetlands border the gulf, including rare species of birds and mammals such as the manatees of Crystal River, and we are still estimating the extent of the toxic effects from the oil spill.

After the Gulf Oil Spill, Patty Mooney collaborated with musician Katherine Archer to create this video.

The Gulf Oil Disaster will have repercussions for everybody on Earth connected by oceans. The damages now and in the future to our ecosystems and way of life are incomprehensible and irreversible. A musician in Florida, Katherine Archer, decided that she could not sit back and do nothing as her beloved homeland was laid to waste by oil that still gushed from the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico at an astronomical rate. This is her song. She hopes that you will see it, hear it, and realize that we are all in this together.

“Black Black Blood” is written by Katherine Archer and performed by Katherine Archer Band with Chelsea Saddler. Edited by Patricia Mooney of Crystal Pyramid Productions

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