Blocked Episode 2

Indifare Finalist

Director, Writer and producer Name

Anntreece N. Jones

Cast and Crew member’s

Lorenda King, Sonedra Steel, Marcia Powell, La Carrissa Hampton, Angela Robinson, Johnathan Eggins, DeeAndrea Hayes, Shanda Wilson, Tamika Jones, Clifton Rankin, Shaniece Helton, LeVonne Wilhite, D’sjoir Brown

About Director

Director / Playwright / Producer / Screenwriter

Early Years
Anntreece N. Jones was born on January 21, 1983, to the union of Edward G. Allen and Connie J. Clay in Fort Worth, Texas. She is the second oldest of three siblings. Jones was part of the 2001Graduate Class from of the legendary Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School in Fort Worth, Texas.

Upon graduation, she attended the Ogle School of Cosmetology where she ranked top of her class. Jones is currently known throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex as a Master Stylist and Businesswoman. She is the CEO of Virtuous Woman Salon and Beauty. Jones married her high school sweetheart, Herbert G. Jones, Jr in November 2001, and is currently married going on nineteen years. She is the proud mother of three amazing children (Draelon, Josiah, and Journey). While many may not understand the life of a parent who has autistic children, it is a blessing for Jones to be able to tap into their world while still balancing a world of her own. Having three children with autism, has taught Jones how to appreciate life itself not only from her point of view, but through the eyes of her children.

Film Overview

The wrath of April continues as she deals with the demons of her past and in the midst of it all she provokes God to knock at her door. Homeless woman Pat, Aprils mother, wakes up from a bad dream realizing that’s she’s still in the nightmare she created. It’s time for the truth to set everyone free…

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