Boombox (The God of The Dance) – Cartoon Version

Indifare Award Winner

Director Name

Patricia Mooney

Cast and crew member

Whoopi Goldberg, Amy Brenneman, Julianne Moore, Holly Near, Cris Williamson, Sarah Weddington, Carol Moseley Braun, Laura Dawn, Moby

About Writer

Christian Candido was born in Turin and earned his BA in Communication Arts and Sciences in 1998 with a thesis on Semiology of Cinema. He then directed to videoclip, dance theater, cinema, scriptwriting and the connections between visual arts and computer graphics. Since 2002 he has shot shortfilms and videoclips:
2002 – “Angel’s Journey” – shortfilm (4’39” – second prize at Valsusa Filmfest 2002)
2003 – “Acquarius” (12’35”) – shortfilm mini Dv
2005-2006 – “Skyline” and “Skyline – the four landscapes” (17’18”) – shortfilm miniDv
2009 – “Redshift” (14’58”) – shortfilm mini Dv
2020 – “Boombox (The God of the Dance – 20’59”) – shortfilm HD
2022 – “Boombox (The God of The Dance – Cartoon Version – 20’59”) – shortfilm HD

Film Overview

An engineering student (Pepi) works as waitress in a pub in Turin. After her shift, on the way home, she meet a boombox radio, who is appears out of nowhere and talk to her …
Pepi finds out the radio embody a spiteful and irreverent “God of The Dance”… This short is a cartoon version of Boombox (The God of The Dance)

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