Chasing the Dead Requiem

Indifare Award Winner

Director , Writer and Producer’s Name

Tom Phillipsoue

Producer’s Name


Cast and Crew member’s

Lanae Strovers

About Director

Tom Phillips has directed, produced, written, and filmed for the BBC, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Smithsonian, Outdoor Channel, TLC, WOR, PBS, and Nat Geo. He has worked on 4 popular television series including “Moonshiners” and “Forged in Fire”. Tom is a proud “honorary” member of “Vietnam Veterans Jersey Shore Chapter 12”.

Film Overview

Born, and abandoned, left behind in a hospital by her biological mother a young woman who feels an affinity for the abandoned dead, finds more than she bargained for. Journey into the world of gravediggers, coroners, morticians, and the forgotten dead. Directed and shot by Tom Philips (Moonshiners, Forged in Fire, David Attenborough Meets President Obama, MonsterQuest)

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