Download My Heart In The Metaverse

Indifare Finalist

Director Writer Name

Mo Rebec

Producer Name

Robodrone Productions

About Writer

Multidisciplinary Artist who has created, Award Winning Music Videos, NFTs- showing his Enabling Art in Collaboration with Meta and Twitter Head Quarters in London 2018 & 2019, Music and 1st App song series on iTunes and Spotify through Universal Music, Video Game, Patents in video-on-demand technology, over 700 Gifs shared to 453+million on Giphy, and an online Hashtag Queens clothing store. He is always looking to the future.

Film Overview

It is the world’s first music film based on the first global song about the Metaverse. The film takes the audience on a grand musical tour of the Metaverse. It’s apart of the “Download My Heart” Series by, Hashtag Queens

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