Indifare Award Winner

Director Writer Producer Name

Kyle Acosta, Pat L. Mallery

Cast and crew member

Romi Jay, Kasio Collins, Logan Barton, Daniel McGee, Rosemary Paris, Alfonzo Bigmac, J. Adam Young

About Director

1 – Master degree in philosophy and literature
2 – working as freelancer
3 – author of short stories & unpublished novels plus part time editor
4 – experimental filmmaker (low budget)
5 – Youtube Channel @OLAF_LENZ_SHORT_FILMS (since Nov 2020)

Film Overview

A cinematic improvisation during the lockdown period dealing with freedom of mind. Shot on one afternoon the short presents social behavior of a group of pigeons that are spending time beside a freeway crossing. The story evolves from being part of a peer group to pairing and joining as two to finally something beyond.

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