Fear – Experimental Short Film

Indifare Finalist


Andrea R. Ciobanu


Nnanna Kalu, Ndukwe Onuoha


Lydia Idakula

Cast and crew member’s

Natisha Williams–Samuels, Diana Yekini, Christopher Iheuwa

About Director

Mutmee is an Artist, Singer, Actress, and a new director in Thailand.

Film Overview

Nowadays, people live their lives under the power of fear and have to confront all kinds of obstacles that come with the feeling of fear. People are driven by fear, letting it take over their daily lives. They’re scared to act, to feel, and scared to be themselves in public.

This short experimental film is representative of human nature. The two actors will tell two sides of the story through their movements. The mirror is used as a medium to reflect the storytelling so that the audience can be drawn back to their emotions and thoughts about human nature, and introduced to fear.

Fear is, in fact, something we create to protect ourselves. Most of the time, we rely on fear. When in fact, if we find the treasure and value within us, the capability to confront, understand, and become friends with fear can help us see life through a different lens, which could lead to us living our lives differently.

The short film is constructed of three acts:

1. Introduction to Fear: We often look for a way out or an escape from what we suffer. We usually turn towards ‘fear’ as a false hope.

2. Question: After turning towards and being driven by ‘fear’ for a while, we become exhausted from it.

3. Confrontation: Fight the ‘fear’. Once we realize that ‘fear’ is what we create, we find ourselves filled with emptiness.

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