I Still Think He’ll Be Alright

Indifare Finalist

Director Name

Jeffrey Scott Richards

About Director

Jeffrey Richards is a 44 year old director, actor, screenwriter, Christian apologist, theologian and activist for human rights issues. He has directed five films and produced three others. As a narrative filmmaker, his biggest themes are how our brokenness affects our relationships as well as our internal belief system and how it affects our worldview. Jeff’s muse, creative partner and wife, Jenny Rebekah Richards is involved in the production of all his projects. He currently resides in Tyler, Texas.

Film Overview

In the sequel to the award winning short documentary “I Think He’ll Be Alright,” Jeffrey Richards documents when the Coronavirus Omicron variant enters his home. When the vaccinated Jeff is exposed to both his wife and son while they are infected , it leads him to ask the following questions “Is COVID here to stay?” and “Can we ever get back to normal?”

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