The Doll’s Postman

Indifare Finalist

Director Producer Name

Mazahir Rahim

Writer Name

Mazahir India

Cast and crew member’s

Carolyn Kent, Benjamin Green, Lonnie Coleman, Tara Hickey, Dominique Savage, Grant III Parham, Fatima L. Gray, Sanddeep Pedneker

About Director

To remain deeply involved in film making, both in terms of producing, writing and directing films and plays and in teaching the arts of screen writing and film direction.

Film Overview

Log Line: A story (fictional?) on the interaction of Franz Kafka with a child who had lost her doll.
Synopsis: The story of Franz Kafka becoming a Doll’s Postman to cheer up a child and writing to her 14 letters paints a very different image of this cynical philosopher from the 19th century. His thoughts and writings have outlived him and are as relevant today as they were in his time. The film recreates this heartwarming story of Franz Kafka and his inspiring writings.
The young can see beauty so easily! Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.

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