Light Em’ Up

Indifare Finalist

Writer Name

Sami Garcia

About Director

Sami Garcia has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal justice and years of experience working in Corrections. Her screenplay “Light Em’ Up” based on the book has been recognized in seven competitions and has received three awards in international film festivals. Sami began her career working her way through college and has been a cosmetologist for 16 years.

She discovered her passion for Criminal Justice which led to her beginning a career at the State prison. Starting as an officer, Sami worked her way up through the ranks to Associate Deputy Warden allowing her an insight into law enforcement. During her time in Corrections, Sami met her amazing wife who was in the medical field. The couple has been together ever since and after many failed attempts at starting a family, her wife encouraged her to follow her interest in writing.

Film Overview

Would you put the ones you love at risk in order to save them? When the survival of innocent lives is determined by a ticking bomb, a rogue team of experts brings the fire. Officer Harris and her bomb squad pyros defend the public from dangerous murders when they are in fact facing a perilous stalker themselves. Harris and McKenzie, her professional and romantic partner, are in search of who they are as a couple and who their local serial bomber is in this highly anticipated Light Em’ Up series.

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