Louie (KR.ONE) Gasparro 5POINTZ

Indifare Award Winner

Director and Producer Name

Eirini Alligiannis

Cast and crew member’s

Eirini Alligiannis

About Writer

Director, Eirini Alligiannis, was born in Sydney, Australia to Greek immigrant parents who have influenced her attitude towards her artistic endeavors. She is a seasoned professional Digital Media Artist with a wide variety of experience in the Motion and Still picture industries, with a background in Fine Arts. Having diverse yet complementary roles in the film and television industries throughout Australia, USA and London have given her a strong foundation, aesthetically, technically and culturally. She has also exhibited her photography in Sydney, New York, and Paris. She continues to have work on independent films as cinematographer and as a professional stills photographer.

Film Overview

A short documentary featuring Louie (KR.ONE) Gasparro and when his love for graffiti was rekindled at the legendary 5Pointz graffiti mecca in Long Island City, New York. Louie reminisces about what 5Pointz means to him and to the wider graffiti art world.

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