Remember This Voice

Indifare Award Winner

Director and Writer Name

Jeff Chan, Andrew Rhymer, Hernan de Beky


Andrew Rhymer

Cast and crew member’s

Michael Ocampo, Jordan Alveran, Brian D. Johnson, Ursula Burton, Scarlett Bermingham, Patrick Woodall, Hernan de Beky, Lisa Mayo

About Writer

Director Biography – Jeff Chan

Film Overview

He was given a chance to make himself heard.

A Los Angeles transplant from Venezuela, who believes that his broken English is an insurmountable hindrance to achieving his own American Dream, is about to give up on his passion for Hollywood when a single defining moment launches his accomplished career as a Spanish-commercial voice actor. REMEMBER THIS VOICE is based on the real life story of Hernán de Béky, who has recorded trailers/promos for over 500 film titles and won multiple Emmy Awards.

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