Indifare Award Winner

Writer’s Name

Christian Nielsen

About Director

My journey into writing screenplays started about 25 years ago, but it seems like I’ve been writing scripts forever. This past year something changed. I have been drawing my inspirations recently from not only unique experiences and situations, but also from seemingly the most mundane. As a well-traveled history nerd, I tend to weave and integrate into my scripts researched, historically accurate elements, as well as use locations and settings in which I have either lived or am very familiar with from my travels. I took a chance and entered five different screenplays, both shorts and features, into many various script writing competitions worldwide since last September. Since then, my scripts have been receiving accolades and winning competitions, both domestically and internationally. I’m looking forward to my continued writing adventures and to wherever my next journey may lead.

Film Overview

Two boys attempt to help a 7 year old ghost reunite with his long lost family. Gradually they discover the horrific atrocities that the boy had to endure during his short life; and their resolve to help him grows stronger the more they learn.

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