Soiled Shorts: THE SERIES

Indifare Award Winner

Director, Writer, Producer’s Name

Giles Sander

About Director

A veteran of the animation industry, Giles has been involved in all levels of producing animation ranging from commercials and series to specials and features. Starting out in the paint and trace department at a small commercial studio, he began the lengthy education of the animation process. Whether as an editor, producer, writer or director, at each stop along the way, he has learned and improved his craft to help make the best films possible. However, working on other people’s projects was never the final goal. The ultimate goal was to take his own ideas and make them into award winning films. This would lead him to open his own small independent studio as a place where he could work and produce his own material.

Film Overview

Thumbs Up! is about understanding the type of help you need and being honest with yourself so that you can begin to feel better. It was fully improved, made in a day for a friend date, and FULLY sound designed with audio found online.

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