The Hamlet of Suitcases

Indifare Finalist

Director Name

Max Albrecht

Writer Name

Max Albrecht, Toby Albrecht, Alexandre Textoris

Producer Name

Max Albrecht

Cast and crew member’s

Max Albrecht, Toby Albrecht, Alexandre Textoris, Lucille Lambert

About Director

Born in the south of England and raised in the north, while studying a physics degree at university Max identified film-making as a way to combine his various creative interests, including writing, visual composition, acting, and composing songs and soundtracks. Max is a lifelong fan of sci-fi, horror, fantasy and surreal films, and draws upon his own scientific knowledge and medical experience of surviving cancer at an early age to colour the philosophies behind the characters and worlds in his films.

Film Overview

A washed-up travel writer returns to the remote and overgrown hamlet where his career both started and ended. As the isolated and deserted location begins to affect his mind, he is forced to confront his past and evaluate his life.

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