The Webs of War

Indifare Finalist

Director Writer Producer Name

Steve Lindsay

About Writer

Steve Lindsay was born on October 2nd, 1971 in Mount Clemens, Michigan. Literature became the primary focus throughout his academic career, and still continues to this day. War, romance, horror, and the supernatural are just a few favorite genres from this Great Lakes writer. The author is the proud recipient of two screenwriting awards, and numerous accolades for his tales and poems. He resides in Fenton, Michigan.

Film Overview

A troubled drifter faces deadly tarantulas on the warpath in 1973 Michigan. This chilling story examines the essence of terror, the sting of bereavement, the quest for redemption, the power of love, and the extraordinary limits of courage and sacrifice. At the heart of this horror screenplay, it’s the inner struggles we face as human beings, and the bloody battles waging within the world. This is…The Webs of War.

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