Wisteria Cottage

Indifare Award Winner

Director;s Name

Marcus Thompson

Wrter’s Name

Birgitta Bernhard


Super 7 Films, Charismatic Productions Ltd

Cast and Crew Member’s

Birgitta Bernhard, Jake Canuso, Kate Isitt, Amanda Ray-King, Darren Black, Matilda Cole

Film Overview

What if you are still mourning your beloved husband, who died in a brutal car-accident, only a year ago and now you are riddled with cancer and your body and heart scream ‘stop!’ ?No more aggressive chemotherapy, no more steroids, no more grief!

Is it understandable or utterly selfish to long for your own existence to end?

When Barbara invites her closest friends to her and her late artist-husband Benoit’s cottage within the beautiful English countryside, none of them is aware of her inner turmoil, nor are they prepared for the unexpected consequences of this weekend.

Friendship should be unconditional, yet we are still privy to a wide spectrum of emotions and responses, when our love and support gets tested beyond our understanding.

If so, can we live with the secret our love for somebody forces us to keep? Can we forgive them, or even ourselves?
Or can the history, the memories and the love for one another surpass everything else?

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