Woke: Choice Words From My Mother

Indifare Award Winner

Director Writer Producer Name

Patricia Mooney

Cast and crew member’s

Magi Mooney, Sarah Weddington, Holly Near, Sandy Rapp, Laura Dawn, Ani DiFranco, Moby, Louise Slaughter, Patricia Mooney

About Director

Patricia Mooney has been a partner at Crystal Pyramid Productions, San Diego’s longest-serving video production company, since 1982. She serves as a Producer, Camera Operator, Sound Mixer, Editor, Voice Over and sometimes Talent. She is a pioneer in the VHS video revolution that occurred from the 1980s through 1990’s.

Film Overview

Reflections from my mother after she and I marched together in 2004 at the March for Women’s Lives in Washington DC. It was the largest march in history – over a million people including families, mothers, fathers, grandparents and kids – all gathered to stand up for a woman’s right to choose. With appearances by Whoopi Goldberg, Patricia Ireland, Gloria Steinem, Bonnie Franklin, Ani DiFranco, Holly Near, Sandy Rapp, Sarah Weddington (the attorney who won Roe v. Wade), Congresspersons and of course, my mother, Magi. (pronounced “Maggie”). This short film is an Official Selection of the Paris Short Film Festival, CineFest10 in Uruguay and MoviePlay Film Festival (2022).

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