A Good Return

Indifare Finalist

Writer Name

Helen Rana

About Director

Helen Rana is a freelance writer, editor and researcher working with museums, universities, creative and cultural organisations. She was a Writer Associate in creative writing at Bath Spa University in 2017-21. Her non-fiction book ‘Workplaces’, about organisational cultures, is currently on sale in bookshops and online. Her short stories have recently been published in ‘Makarelle Anthology ONE’ and ‘An Alien Invasion at the Pub Michael Terence Anthology’ (both 2021). Her screenplays have been selected for several festivals and won awards.

Film Overview

Lilah’s had three strokes of ‘luck’ in her life – rape, blackmail and being battered half to death by a VIP. Travelling to her Caribbean island home after seventeen years in London, she finds that life there has changed in her absence. Money’s everything now. She needs to find a way to make a good return, and make things right with her family.

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