A kid from Barinas

Indifare Award Winner

Director Writer Name

Andres Sereno

Producer Name

Andres Puche, Andres Sereno, Angelo Colina, Cris Diaz

About Writer

Born and raised in Barinas, Venezuela. New York-based standup comedian and first time filmmaker. Interested in capturing reality to show it as beautiful as possible with a positive inspiring outlook without overlooking the funny.

Film Overview

Everyone is used to see standup comedy in Netflix specials, bits in TikTok or Instagram or in their local Wednesday night open mic. Standup comedian Andres Sereno shows the behind the scenes of the local comedy landscape. What happens before and after his shows, the hilarious people he meets and the unforeseeable events that unfold in between. This short documentary series, set in Montreal and Toronto, show what a kid from Barinas does to pursue his dreams in black and white.

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