A Month. A Day. A Year.

Indifare Award Winner

Director Writer and Name

Hunter Brockmann

Cast and crew member’s

Danielle Watson, Fritz Fritz Frauendorf, Hunter Charles Brockmann, Nick Brockmann, James Brockmann, Elizabeth Kelsey

About Writer

Hunter Brockmann is a writer, director, camera operator, and editor known for A Month. A Day. A Year. (2023), Momo (2021), and From Sleep To Sunrise (2021). Born and raised in the United States, Hunter always found his imagination more exciting than reality. His love for entertainment began as child always watching television. Overtime, he obtained a passion for watching movies and wanting to learn about the making of them. He began studying films on his own before attending Cincinnati State Technical and Community College in 2017. In 2020 he graduated with two Associate Degrees and took part as a grip in the film re:attachment (2021), directed by his friend Fritz Frauendorf. He resides in Ohio as he continues to pursue his career as a writer and director.

Film Overview

A dream. A nightmare. Reality. Serge is a young man living with autism and dealing with ongoing depression. He lives on a schedule to try and keep his negative thoughts in check. Everything comes crashing down when he has to face his fears in a confession for therapy.

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