A Night In Charlotte With Sweeney Ty

Indifare Award Winner

Director writer and producer Name

Gregory Hines

About Writer

Tyler (Ty Bru) Brueilly has been professionally active in the international independent music scene (IMA album of the year 2016 at the Lincoln Center, NYC) for a decade and a half and has taken a headfirst dive into photography and film.

A 2005 graduate of Appalachian State University, Bru reached new heights by attaining a total of five degrees, including International Business, Communication, Marketing, Journalism and Management.

As an expatriate in Asia for nearly five total years, Bru used that opportunity as a catalyst for his artistic growth, pushing him to the new avenues and outlets he is exploring today.

His debut unconventional 50 minute, silent but scored black and white film, ‘SHUCKS’ (Best Experimental Short, Best Cinematography & Best Editing awards at the ISA in Los Angeles) was an attempt at bridging a cultural gap that seems to get wider when spoken language is misunderstood.

His follow up, ‘MENG HUA LU’ (Best Film Noir Short at ISA in Los Angeles) was immediately picked up as official selections to dozens of film festivals and screenings around the world which catapulted Brueilly to new heights, motivating him to focus his talents and efforts into more film making endeavors. Brueilly prides his films with concepts that houses intensely innovative journeys into the contemporary world that includes various forms of vices and addictions.

Film Overview

Asheboro, NC area artist Ty Bru combines authentic era hip hop with the world of broadway plays and musical films with this unique adaptation of a classic tale.

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