Indifare Award Winner

Director Writer Name

maryann maisano

Producer Name

bobby La Serra, maryann maisano

Cast and crew member’s

maryann maisano

About Director

Director – maryann maisano

Film Overview

A One-Women Play

A true Italian-American story centered around family, food, and of course, drama, Agita is the coming-of-age story of first-generation New Jersey native writer, comedian, singer-songwriter, musician and actor Maryann Maisano.

Set in the shadows of the George Washington Bridge, Agita recounts the joys and challenges of life in 1960s suburban America being raised by traditional Italian immigrants in a rather dysfunctional household. Maisano takes the audience on a poignant and hilarious journey as she recounts tales of her rebellious childhood pushing against her family’s expectations that eventually lead her to embrace the unspeakable… THERAPY! Ultimately, Maisano is left to make the two hardest decisions of her adult life, “coming out” to family and friends and trading in a six-figure bank VP of Sales position to become a full-time entertainer!

Agita is a story of courage and hope, and how risking it all to fulfill our dreams is the true path to happiness!

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