Indifare Award Winner

Director Name

Joshua Shultz

Cast and crew member’s

Ruby Modine, Kristina Wayborn, Andrew W Walker, Haley Reinhart, Travis Mills, Rich Paul, Ty Quiamboa, Andy Biersack, Reyneen Pedro, Joshua Shultz, Zach Sudfeld, Abby Burach

About Writer

Joshua Shultz launched his career as a photographer for top actors and musicians – His work is featured in major publications such as Rolling Stone, Billboard, Esquire, Variety, Elle, and other well-known outlets. From there, he transitioned to video, directing esteemed music videos and fashion films. Seven of his music videos jumped to number one on YouTube, world-wide, and his fashion film debut won the top Fashion Film award at the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival. Now, Shultz has begun his journey into narrative film-making, with his first short film “Americana,” earning awards at its festival premiere.

Film Overview

From award winning Director Joshua Shultz and two time Oscar winner Composer David Campbell comes the short film, Americana, a neo-western that follows a grieving military vet father (Jack) and Indigenous social worker (June), working on the Reservation, in a world where children are being kidnapped and trafficked… Something must be done.

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