Indifare Award Winner

Author Name

Daniel Corey

About Author

Director Biography – Rima Joseph Irani

Film Overview

An inspiring and insightful journey to over 20 countries, opening your eyes and heart to Autistic individuals. Learn about their challenges, environment and social life. Discover their strengths, talents and unique abilities. Autistic people share their experiences, feelings and desires. Families discuss therapies and support that made a difference in their child’s life. Teachers describe strategies that help their students learn and perform at their best. Employers state how they modify the workplace to help them perform at their best potential. Specialists highlight their studies. “Autism across the globe” takes viewers on the most heartfelt, emotional and educational journey. It is meant to be the catalyst for a worldwide change, aiming to improve autism awareness and acceptance.
N. B: The project has also English, French and Italian subtitles.

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