Indifare Finalist

Director Writer Name

Henry G Burgos

Producer Name


Cast and crew member’s

Francisco Diaz, Cesar Augusto Chaviel, Maoly Oquendo

About Director

Born in Havana Cuba, Henry González Burgos from his adolescence was interested in the performing arts. Driven by a passion for cinema, he immigrated to the United States at the age of 19 to pursue his dreams and achieve training at the prestigious NYU Tish, training at Film tv industry essentials in 2022. The talent and avant-garde that characterizes him has led him to establish himself in the seventh art as one of the most prominent new directors. His debut films Grief and Dade Cook have earned him eight nominations and two awards at the New Jersey Awards for two consecutive years.

Film Overview

Three Latino food owners explain their passion and love of serving their recipes to the cities of Miami. Cuban, Mexican and Venezuelan gastronomy.

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